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We aim to build a pro-bono support infrastructure for entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized business owners.


Our focus is to select projects that are interesting for our consultants and help those business solve any problem (i.e. Financial, Commercial, HR, etc). Our commitment is to deliver a personalized consulting service based on the specific needs of our client.


We choose the projects we get involved in. We see this as a great opportunity to learn from the business owners and their industry as we provide them value in our areas of expertise. We hope that through this pro-bono consulting experience our clients get inspired to be more involved in our community. This will, in the long term, create a strong network of like-minded entrepreneurial individuals.


We want our services to be China-focused, either for companies with a presence in China, looking to enter the country or interested in exploring opportunities locally. It would also apply to Chinese companies looking to expand elsewhere in the world.

Fernando Zavala
HR and Sales

We are a small group of young business managers and entrepreneurs. Each with one area of expertise and we want to dedicate some of our time being exposed to new and exciting ideas.

At our organization, we consider ourselves fortunate to have customers, colleagues, and backers who support our projects. Now we are looking to help the next wave of young entrepreneurs and business owners gain the same rewarding experience. In doing so, Bamboo Ventures hopes to become a support structure for new and existing small/medium Chinese ventures (local or foreign) in which participants come together to teach, advice and support each other.

Trade and purchasing
Dispute Resolution and Foreign investment
Marketing and Branding

Our mission is to help foster the growth of new ventures and established SMEs. We are specially focused on ventures that are not yet profitable.


Bamboo Ventures was formed out of a perceived lack of availability of high added value consulting services for new small and medium-sized enterprises.


We understand SMEs employ the majority of people and due to that, directly or indirectly pay the bulk of tax revenue of the majority of countries and therefore contribute immensely to society. We look to help and nourish those businesses.


Our organization strives to be the embodiment of the qualities bamboo possesses: flexibility, strength and fast growing. Our team of young entrepreneurs and consultants are solid, fast movers, have experienced high growth and above all else are versatile and adaptable.


It is our goal to help your company flourish. We will assist this by passing on valuable information and expertise, that our consultants have developed from working in China for over 20 years.



We were lucky to have a well connected friend in Bamboo, who helped us develop and later streamline our operations in China. They were our helping hands, eyes and ears over there; giving us the viability to send our young and valued clients to China. Because of Bamboo we were able to develop a strong relationship with another business that would take care of relocating, approving visa´s, look after our young clients and organize Chinese lessons for them. Without them, the possibility of doing business in China would have been impossible. The value of their network is unparalleled in China.  

CEO Dongxi United - S. Essa

We are a small cosmetics company that makes chemical free grooming products for men. We knew that this product could be a hit in China but we did not have the funds to afford a consulting company to tell us how we could sell in the country. We talked to many marketing companies and consulting companies but everybody was too expensive. Bamboo helped us by making personal introductions to the key companies in the sector  and doing some of the operational thinking for us with their local expertise.  This, in turn, allowed us to limit our risk and investment whilst ensuring that our local partners were actually invested in ensuring that our product did well. We are very happy with their help and we would strongly recommend them!

CEO - Salmaan  E. 

We have been in China for some time but we had a lot of trouble finding young profiles that were great engineers, understood the problems our clients are facing and were passionate about China (looking to stay for a long time). With this issue we contacted one of the consultants from Bamboo, to ask them for help in finding just the right person. After considering several candidates we found Luis, a young man from Spain which has turned out to become a very central part of our organization. We are very happy with the service provided and we would recommend them strongly to anyone trying to find the right people for their company. 

Guillermo Orihuela -  CEO Technoheat Global

"As the MD of Frostimo I was looking for investors and potential minority partners for my business in China. I met a lot of people that seemed interested and appeared committed to our idea of the business. However, in many cases I knew little of the people I was talking to and I, therefore, needed someone to help me identify which potential investors and minority partners could add more value to our venture. Bamboo was crucial in doing professional background and reputational checks on the investors and partners and this allowed us to move forward with some and not with others. I would certainly recommend Bamboo to anyone looking to conduct a background check on key people."

Luis Cancela - Managing Director of Frostimo Macau Ltd

Mission and vision
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